NEW IMAGE by 10-rankai-san!

だめだめだ (It’s Absolutely No Good) - Shiori Tomita


just wondering if sasuke will get a new hairstyle too (or go back to his old one)



@o-taiyou i just need him to not wear the first out fit. the hoodie is okay though he looks like he’s dtw in a laundry mat bathroom

and sasuke…i see him just getting more feminine as he gets older???????? must just be me

@narusasu-simblr long hair sasuke needs a pony tail imo and oh a bun or a take on the traditional mage bun thingy??? IDK 


i’m in favor of a freaking sidecut

or just shave it all off, get a buzzcut/ don’t let naruto’s hair take the spotlight, sasuke, top him!

as long as the middle part stays dead forever i will be happy


I caught up and read chapter 590 and then doodled these to make myself feel better but I don’t think it worked, I’m still sad all over.


More doodles! This time Sasuke and Itachi :)

your fate has been drenched in blood since the day you were born an uchiha.

"They’re all laughing; laughing at the cost of Itachi’s life! Laughing together completly ignorant of everything. Your laughing voices sound like contempt and mocking to me now. I will change those laughs to screams of anguish."