“I’m sorry it has to end this way, brother.”

“No you’re not.”


the avengers |   inception au

steve as the extractor | highly professional and the leader of the  team. he lost everything he loves, mainly peggy the love of his life and  was accused of murdering her; he needs this last job to get out of the  business for good.

tony as the architect - he was approached by steve because he’s the  best at what he does, creating and moulding worlds to his liking.

clint as the point man | extremely good at what he does, dependable,  always professional. he and natasha have a history together.

natasha as the forger | she can become anyone and everyone; so good  that she completely immerses herself in the role she’s playing.

thor as the tourist | extremely wealthy foreigner whose brother,  loki, broke bad and is becoming a dangerous criminal. thor sought the  team so they can infiltrate loki’s mind and change his views.

loki as the target | he’s in the business of dreams as well, he uses  his abilities to steal and kill people. will the team be able to perform  their task before he realizes what’s going on in his head?