you wake up on christmas to find santa has left you hundreds of slips of paper, strewn about under the tree. you begin to sort through them. they are all successful text post ideas. it is truly a christmas miracle



wouldnt it be funny if tenten had nine siblings and their names were ninenine, eighteight, sevenseven, sixsix, fivefive, fourfour, threethree, twotwo, and oneone

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One time when I was 7 i went to this big department store and there was giant rugs hanging from the celling and you could move them to see more rugs, so i moved one and there was an employee sitting behind it eating a bag of Doritos and I screamed and started crying and the store gave us a free rug


hidan would definately be that kid who made spitballs and answered the questions he didn’t know with drawings of inappropriate things and then he’d get sent to the principal’s office

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There’s this guy who goes to my school and I have no idea who he really is but he comes in dressed up as Jack Sparrow like 3 or 4 days a week and today I was in the computer lab and he sits next to me and opens google and writes ‘where is the Black Pearl’ and clicks enter and then he just gets up and runs out.

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shit that ninjas do that turn me on


  • when they fight w/o getting dirty
  • when they put their hands in their pockets
  • Genma with his plant thing
  • psycho Sasuke
  • Itachi just being Itachi
  • Minato Namikaze
  • how Neji barely ever smiles
  • the way they stand sometimes
  • the fact that Asuma fucked Kurenai, got her pregnant and nobody said anything about it ooooohhhhhh

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  • Real Life: Assume straight until proven gay.
  • Tumblr: Assume gay until proven straight.
  • **Anime: Assume Gay even if proven straight